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The Allison + Lillia and Treize Fan Community

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The Allison + Lillia & Treize + Meg & Seron + Allison & Lillia Fan Community on LJ




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July 27th, 2008

allison & lillia episode 15 - detailed summary/translation in English (contains novel spoilers)Collapse )

My goal is to finish the episode 17 guide before 18 airs on Thursday. I think I can make it.

July 25th, 2008

For shiansu and anyone else on the community who might need this:
allison & lillia episode 14 - translation in EnglishCollapse )

July 24th, 2008

* where "Allison series" covers its sequel and the sequel's spin-off and the sequel's spin-off's spin-off should the author decide to make one

Episode 17 will be is airing aired tonight, and we're still on the first storyline of the Lillia and Treize series. Based on the title of episode 18, it's possible this storyline will be ending next week. I thought this might be a good time to start a discussion on the novels and the anime, specifically, stuff in the novels not featured in the anime, like language differences. (Spoilers ahead.)Collapse )

That was a bit pointless, but maybe it might come in handy for someone in the future (not). Please feel free to correct anything or add anything I missed.

June 23rd, 2008

Meg and Seron III Ulrix (sp) no Yuutsu (part 1)
ISBN 978-4-04-867126-2
on sale July 2008

volume 2
volume 1

June 16th, 2008

News c/o kigamuitaranolightnoveljouhou: Allison series writer Sigsawa Keiichi will be part of the 13th Tokai Koutougakkou-Chuugaku Saturday Program. He will be talking about writing and anime adaptations of his work, among other things. The talk session is from 2:30 to 4:00 in the afternoon. Details on how to sign up for the talk, as well as directions to the school (it's in Aichi Prefecture) are available at the website.

I also failed to note that

The Sigsawa's World, a supplementary book that came with the first issue of Dengeki MAGAZINE, includes a short Meg and Seron story entitled "Nick, soshite Jenny".

May 27th, 2008

On sale July 25, 2008.
Includes episodes 1-3 (approximately 73 minutes), creditless OP and ED, a booklet with an "extra story" written by Sigsawa Keiichi, a card to send in for freebies, and this mini-character accessory.

[edit] Slightly off-topic, but I created a feed for Kuroboshi Kouhaku's blog:


(Kuroboshi Kouhaku is the illustrator of the Allison, LiliTore, Meg&Seron, and Kino no Tabi series, among others.) He doesn't update very often, but it's nice to stalk keep tabs on him anyway. Feel free to spread the word.

May 21st, 2008

I just noticed that Jpqueen.com offers a small selection of Allison and Lillia and Treize character goods for sale:

Allison shitajiki
Lillia and Treize shitajiki
another Lillia and Treize shitajiki
other Lillia and Treize stuff

They also have the manga in stock.

May 12th, 2008



New to LJ here. I'm glad to find a community on one of the best light novel series EVER!

I'm currently plugging away on Lillia and Treize. Never read Allison but I know enough from watching the anime. I must say, I haven't read such an enjoyable story in a very long time. Is it just because I don't read enough? Or Japanese books are just more interesting? (I think it's the latter. There's SOMETHING about light novels that just grabs me. Maybe it's the pretty insert pictures)

Since I'm here, I would just like to share my thoughts about Lillia and Treize. WARNING! Spoilers below!

May 8th, 2008

Release dates and other information c/o the latest issue of Dengeki Bootleg:

Meg and Seron 2 3305 no Natsuyasumi
on sale May 10, 2008
515 yen

Meg and Seron 3 Ulrix (sp) no Yuutsu
on sale July 10, 2008

Dengeki MAGAZINE Vol. 2
July 2008 issue
on sale June 10
720 yen

Will include Allison and Lillia & Treize notepad (B6 size) and an article on the anime.

May 5th, 2008

Cast for the second arc finally up:

Lillia : Mizuki Nana
Treize: Yoshino Hiroyuki
Allison (older version): Kuwashima Houko
Travas: Morikawa Toshiyuki

Let me just say that I am very, very pleased with this arrangement.

April 21st, 2008

Information for the first DVD is up at the official HP:

Release Date: July 25, 2008
Price: 6,825 yen plus tax
Jacket Illustration By: Kuroboshi Kouhaku
Episodes Included: 1-3 (approx. 73 minutes)
Special Features: Creditless OP and ED sequences
First pressing includes booklet, mini character accessory, sending form for special booklet binder (useful only to those in Japan).

Everything is subject to change.
The release dates for the other DVDs are also viewable.

April 16th, 2008

CD news

Details on the OP and ED CD singles, as well as an image song/short drama CD in the works, revealed here.

April 1st, 2008

...at least where I am. The anime's scheduled to come out this month, and I'm sure we're all excited about that, but before the real posting starts, I'd like to remind everyone to read the comm rules if you haven't yet.


According to the latest issue of Dengeki Bootleg, the Allison and Lillia OP and ED CD singles will be on sale on June 25.

There was also a bit in the gossip section about Sigsawa Keiichi being so enthralled by the voice recording for the anime that he finished plotting the third installment of Meg and Seron, the second volume of which will be on sale come May 10.

March 31st, 2008

1) In addition to the stage event (reports of which have yet to surface), there was a stamp rally at the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008. Basically all one had to do was complete all stamps to receive a limited edition Allison and Lillia shitajiki. Said shitajiki (along with the stamp sheet) can now be found at Yahoo!jp auctions for around 100 to 300 yen.

2) Yet another Dengeki site for the upcoming Dengeki novel->comic-based spring anime. First volumes of both the Allison and Lillia and Treize comics will be sale on April 26.

March 28th, 2008

"1) The video of the Allison and Lillia staff (series creator, director, seiyuu of the two main protagonists) meeting with the press is now viewable at NHK.

2) At the newly opened Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE Cafe "Cafe with Cat", the Allison-related item on the menu is tea.

March 19th, 2008

1) The official NHK Allison and Lillia homepage is up.
You can now view Fiona's character design and the titles of the first four episodes.

2) An Allison and Lillia publicity report with a story summary and cast introduction. It's not entirely accurate, but it's interesting nevertheless. If you click the link to the second page, you'll see what Sigsawa Keiichi looks like.

March 18th, 2008

more events

Mediaworks is celebrating the official start of Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE by holding several events at Akihabara in Tokyo.

On April 10 at Gamers Akihabara, A2-sized "special paper bags" printed with characters from Allison and Lillia (and Kino no Tabi, also Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE's first cover), as well as upcoming Dengeki Bunko novel-based anime Toshokan Sensou and Wagaya no Oinarisama, will be given away for free.

On April 13, Sigsawa Keiichi will be at the Animate head store in Akihabara. Free bags will be given away, and there will be a special screening of a Dengeki Bunko promotional video.

If you follow the link below, you can download a slightly big version of the Kino illustration to be used for the upcoming first issue cover.


March 13th, 2008

The first chapter of the Allison manga can be read for free here (it's the first picture on the left, second row). The first tankoubon will be on sale on April 26.

[edit] And the first volume of Meg and Seron's been on sale since the 10th. Judging from the customer reviews, it looks pretty interesting.

March 10th, 2008

A short commentary by Sigsawa Keiichi on the Allison and Lillia anime can be viewed here.

March 6th, 2008

At the Geneon Entertainment stage, there will be an Allison and Lillia anime commemorative event on March 29 (Saturday), from 5:20 to 5:50 in the afternoon. The event will feature Mizuki Nana (Allison's seiyuu), Kumai Motoko (Will's seiyuu), and series creator Sigsawa Keiichi. Slots are limited to 500 people (subject to change).

There's also the Sigsawa Keiichi and Kuroboshi Kouhaku autograph signing session to look forward to.

[edit] Whoever wrote the official copy and included this bit will definitely be dropkicked by Lillia in the head. *severely amused*Collapse )

March 5th, 2008

more news

News picked up from the latest edition of Dengeki Bunko Bootleg:

1)Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE Vol.1
May 2008 edition
on sale April 10, 2008
720 yen

The special Allison and Lillia feature includes anime news, illustrations by Kuroboshi Kouhaku, and a new short story by Sigsawa Keiichi. (This issue also has a Kino no Tabi compendium of sorts.)

2) The first volume of the Lillia and Treize spin-off, Meg and Seron, will be on sale on March 10. The second volume will be on sale on May 10.

3) According to the free talk session, dubbing for the Allison and Lillia anime has begun. Here's a little (spoilery?!) bit I found interesting.Collapse )

February 26th, 2008

In commemoration of the Allison and Lillia anime, series writer Sigsawa Keiichi and series illustrator Kuroboshi Kouhaku will be holding a special autograph signing session at the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008 (both days, March 29-30). To avail of slots, go here.

There will also be a special Allison and Lillia and Treize section in the next issue of Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE, on sale April 10, 2008.

February 22nd, 2008

Two more characters from the first arc have been cast:

Benedict - Yamadera Kouichi
Fiona - Noto Mamiko

The webpage also shows Lillia and Treize now.

February 20th, 2008

Checked dengekiya.com for the heck of it. There were no character goods available for Allison, but they have the following for Lillia and Treize:

clear file (368 yen)
clear file #2 (368 yen)
seal/mouse pad (315 yen)
book cover (840 yen)
mug (840 yen)
oil blotting paper (420 yen)
plastic original bookmarks (includes Allison) (840 yen)

February 15th, 2008

Sorry for the faulty summary I posted a while back.

Meg & Seron I
The summer vacation of year 3305
Written by Sigsawa Keiichi, illustrated by Kuroboshi Kouhaku
536 yen
On sale March 2008.

Smart, good-looking, girl magnet Seron and meek, quiet, but slightly dorky Meg star in this school story filled with friendship, love, mystery and adventure! At the beginning of summer, Seron accepts a friend's invitation to volunteer for the drama club, and realizes that his classmate Meg's doing the same. He feels uncomfortable about being with her since they've never really talked, but that is immediately overshadowed by news of a strange being (?) hiding in the basement of an abandoned storage house on the school campus. See Seron and Meg turn from mere stagehands awkward strangers into mystery-solving fiends! (I exaggerated that part. It sounds like Seron's the one determined to get to the bottom of this, and he's dragging the others along with him.)

This takes place after the epilogue of Lillia and Treize volume 6. I guess this means Lillia and Treize are in this one as well. (Which means I need to buy this. *sigh*)

Part two will be on sale in May 2008.
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