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Allison, Lilitore manga 2

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Allison, Lilitore manga 2

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Got both the Allison and Lilia and Trace manga volumes 2. This is the end for both, and each set only covers the first novel in the series.
For both, the extras under the cover are the characters in a school setting (although not nearly the craziness of Gakuen Kino, being 4-koma). The Allison one covers Allison, Will, and Benedict in school -- Allison sleeps through ALL her classes (but wakes up to eat lunch), Will delivers a disturbingly thorough explanation of Darwin's theory of evolution, Benedict pulls the charm on one of his students. I don't quite remember what the Lilia ones were, as I'm not that familiar with the Lilia storyline and characters.

The Allison manga more closely follows the novels than the anime did. I think most of the things I noted were different in the anime in this post were not changed in the manga (except, being black and white, I cannot confirm what color the paintballs were :P) And yes, Benedict straight-up proposes to Allison. Oh, how I love Benedict. It's a rare chance to see Allison not in control of a situation.
As for the Lilitore manga, as I've mentioned previously, I'm not that familiar with the Lilitore storyline so I can't really comment on anything.
  • Sigsawa Fan

    I wish someone would translate the Allison manga. I'd read that easily. : D

    Also Milch, have you read the newest Meg and Seron novel yet? I want to see your review! I've been dying for one for months now!!!! DX
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