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Allison & Lillia DVD IX

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Allison & Lillia DVD IX

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...!! I definitely like this one the most.
The final DVD features episodes 25 to 26 plus special footage (character design gallery II, Lillia and Treize arc; creditless OP and ED, Lillia and Treize arc) plus a mini-character accessory,

On sale March 25, 2009.
And speaking of "on sale",

the Meg and Seron IV cover, this time with text.
  • Jordan aka Sigsawafan

    I agree with you. Lillia and Treize look so cute together in that DVD cover. It is too bad that the series had to end. Even tho it wasn't the best adaptation of Sigsawa's masterpieces, I still enjoyed it a lot. I have the whole anime series downloaded on my comp and I showcase it to my anime club every week. They never read the novels before but they really enjoy the series. They love the 90s retro feel, a nice break from all the mecha anime that dominates the airwaves now.

    Also I can't wait for your review of Meg and Seron IV. Any ideas on what is going to happen to them this time? ;) I know this novel will be great.

    It is too bad I am studying Russian in college and not Chinese or Japanese or else I would buy all the light novels in a heartbeat. Incidentally, Milch, I have some news which may be of major interest to you:

    A co-admin from the Sigsawa forums of which I am a part of and who is also a member of the light novel website baka-tsuki recently received the raw form of Lillia and Treize 5 and 6 in .txt format. He is currently looking for a translator to help him start a project of putting up the Lillia and Treize novels in English! :D

    If you know of anyone who can help him or if you yourself could help him translate that would be just wonderful.

    Other than that, keep up the great work Milch and PLEASE JOIN THE SIGSAWA FORUM! WE COULD USE MORE FANS OF KEIICHI SIGSAWA LIKE YOU! :D

    Link: http://z13.invisionfree.com/Sigsawas_World/index.php?act=idx

    Until next time, Ja ne!
    • Re: Jordan aka Sigsawafan

      ...!!! Really, that's wonderful to hear. I wish it could've been a better production though. Some parts, especially near the end, really made me cringe.

      As for Meg and Seron IV, I might get my copy later than usual but I'll definitely post a review at Light Reading. This volume has the news club outing, where everybody's forced into wearing jerseys by Jenny (because it's a club activity and they have to be all club-like about it). They're also divided into pairs and given cameras to train with, and Seron gets paired with Meg and acts all catatonic about it as usual until Meg finds something unusual... That's as far as the official summary goes. I'm really looking forward to reading this one.

      As for novel-translating, I personally can't commit to that, but if you want I can put up a plug as well? Has your co-admin considered asking people who've read the novels in Chinese? There's scarl_star, who follows the Chinese releases (she's just moved on from LiliTore to Meg and Seron); I'll ask her if she's interested.

      I've been visiting the forums and sadly, the Allison/Lillia and Treize subsections seem to be a bit dead. XDD As you can see, this community's not very active either. But I'm very comfortable in this small fandom, whether on LJ or off-LJ. I wish your forum a lot of luck! If you find the response lacking, it's probably because LJ people are usually reluctant to leave their niche, so you might want to consider moving from invisionfree to an LJ community. That's just what I think though. Best of luck, and thanks for the comment!
      • Re: Jordan aka Sigsawafan

        My GOD! I LOOOOVE THE COVER!!! Treize and Lillia look so cute together~ *hearts* *goes to draw it*
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