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comic, dvd and novel news

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First, a short notice. *points down* I'm leaving the fandom hate plug post up because it's harmless and it might come in handy (???), but I've disabled the poster's posting privileges for now. (If the said user would like to contest this, please feel free to do so.)


The official HP reports that

the second tankoubon for both Allison and the Lillia and Treize series will be out on February 27. Both series are only two volumes long, apparently. Also,

(Oh! I love Travas in this one.) Allison and Lillia DVD 8 has episodes 22-24 plus the sixth installment of Allison-ke no Koukuu Show and an original character card,

DVD 8 will be on sale February 25.
And finally, the cover for Meg and Seron IV.

This is the first Seron I've seen that made me think of the word "hot".
  • comic, dvd and novel news

    Everything looks so awesome. It's too bad I don't understand japanese or I would get all these things in a heartbeat. Well at least I have the anime DLed on my comp. I have been following this community for quite a while now and it is great to see that others share my love for some of Sigsawa's masterpieces. It is a shame that the anime did not do it enough justice. Ah well. I can still wait for the light novels to be posted in English on baka-tsuki.net so I can enjoy them in their full unblemished fantastic awesomeness lol.

    Kudos to you Milchstrasse for giving this series of stories credit where the credit is justly due. Also I cannot wait for your review for the next Meg and Seron novels! It's sure to be great! :D

    Also, any news about a possible Meg and Seron anime? That would be great to see, and maybe the anime studios might do a better job at a gakuen romance anime like this since they have so far failed to faithfully recreate any of Sigsawa's masterpieces.

    Also, also, I am an admin that is dedicated to the greatness of Sigsawa and his works so I encourage you and all on here to join! Link: http://z13.invisionfree.com/Sigsawas_World/index.php?act=idx

    I have posted a review of the anime in there and would like to hear yours and everyone else's thoughts. Also I am writing a fanfiction dedicated to A&L called "My Prince Charming" that stars Lillia and Treize (wink to Milchstrasse) on a new adventure that I am sure everyone will love! Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4839085/1/My_Prince_Charming

    Anyway, keep up with the great work and keep up with updates! :D

    • Re: comic, dvd and novel news

      Hello, lovely to hear from a fellow fan in here! Thanks for supporting the community. I'll plug the forum too.

      About a Meg and Seron anime, I think...after what they did with Allison/Lillia and Treize? I'd rather they left Meg and Seron alone. XD It'd be nice to see them in action, but if there had to an anime (too short to be a series, so it'd have to be an OVA of some sort), I'd rather the production be given to an entirely different staff.

      Thanks for sharing the link to your LiliTore story! I've never seen fic in English for that series before, so naturally I'm thrilled. ♥

  • Scarl_star

    I agree with you about Seron, Milch! The second word I thought of was "SEXY"!

    I LOVE this cover. It's so amazingly pretty! The Chinese translators finally finished V. 3 so I'll be reading that soon. I can't wait to get v 4!

    I have a couple of scans from Meg and Seron, I'll post that soon.
    • Re: Scarl_star

      Hi~ Yes, this is probably the nicest cover so far, though I think one of the pull out illustrations was also nice...I think volume 2? The one where they're in Jenny's office.

      And thanks in advance for the scans!

      P.S. The commenter above you is looking for someone who can help translate Lillia and Treize 5-6 into English. I figured translating from Chinese wouldn't differ much from translating from Japanese, not unless the Chinese translation is different from the original text (which I have no way of knowing)? That was really convoluted, but anyway, if you're interested, just let me know.

      Edited at 2009-03-07 02:39 pm (UTC)
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